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Welcome to the Official Website of Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston

Although Frank and Ollie have passed on, this website is a part of their legacy.  All of the pages below the Home button were created by Frank and Ollie.

Three sections and eight pages have been added to Frank and Ollie’s original website. This page, a section on the Homage paid to them by the community and the animators they have helped and written papers for, and finally an Epilogue.

We have also added two videos (below the blue bar) to Franks page and Ollie's page that show their hobbies and that reflect their work at Disney Studios, in their own words.

Their idea for the site was to provide a way for them to continue to mentor young animators. Because of their age and health they were not able to get out that often to talk to young animators.

They started working on their website in the late 1990's. The website was completely story boarded on two large cork boards in Franks den.  They had also created two new characters and original short animations for the site. The characters, Nilknarf and Revilo, Frank and Ollie’s names backwards, were created because it would be too much work get approvals to use the Disney characters they had created.

Two companies had told Frank and Ollie that they would implement the site, but then failed to do so.  In 2000 Frank, Ollie and I decided to take a do it yourself approach.  I could take care of technical aspects, but ask my friend Joe if he would help with the graphics design. 

Joe was not only crucial to the design of the site; he also came up with the "Tales from the Table" page. One of the joys we had working with Frank and Ollie was hearing stories about working at Disney Animation from the very beginning. Joe made a regular effort to get Frank and Ollie together to share their stories with all of us.

There was a page on the original site where fans could request autographed pictures and drawings that Frank and Ollie created specifically for the site.  There was also a section where animators could send in samples of their work for Frank and Ollie to critique.  They took great joy at the opportunity to help young animators.

It was exciting, amazing, and a joy for both of us to know and work with the two of the men responsible for so many of our childhood memories.

We hope you enjoy as well as learn a little from this site!

Mike and Joe                                                      Wine Country Art Gallery
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