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45 Fascinating Research Paper Topics on Social Media

Finding a suitable social media research topic is stressful. The reason is that the media landscape is constantly changing, and new ideas and topics are brought to the forefront. Another reason is the limited available scholarly resources to aid your research in this area. However, writing about social media is interesting, but it all depends on your chosen topic.

So, how do you find suitable topics for your social media paper? First, you start by finding research problems related to social media. To find these problems, focus on drafting social media loopholes for research. Once you've found a suitable topic, the writing stage is the next.

Social media research: what it is

Social media is a virtual communication platform that promotes digitized interactions between humans. Social media research papers are academic papers written on issues directly or indirectly affecting social media, its users, and its usage.

Writing research papers on social media or topics that grow within the space creates more awareness for any issue. While that's the case, over the years, many conversational topics have continued to grow through the space. These topics often have a short shelf life because they reside only within comment sections.

How to write a research paper on social media quickly

Even after selecting a topic, most students still struggle to write their papers. Why? It's usually the problem of not knowing how to structure their research. Here are helpful ways to start writing your social media paper:

  • Choose an interesting topic
  • Choose your focus research area
  • Select and state the research problem within the area
  • Select a research methodology that will best address the problem
  • Find solutions to the research problem by using scholarly resources
  • In the absence of scholarly resources, conduct a primary survey on the area

Social media research paper topic ideas

We understand how difficult it can be to find suitable social media research topics. So, we have researched and compiled a comprehensive list of topics you can use regardless of your educational level.

Basic social media research topics for every student

  1. How the use of social media affects academic productivity among students
  2. How lack of a break from social media affects students' mental health
  3. Why students should avoid social media during school sessions
  4. Should parents monitor students' social media interaction?
  5. At what age is it acceptable for students to have a social media account?
  6. The effect of parents creating social media pages for infants
  7. How social media influences children's behavior
  8. Should a student prioritize social media personal branding over academics?
  9. Why are students quitting schools to focus on creating social media content?
  10. Role of TikTok in the lives of teenage students

Fresh research topics on social media to select from

  1. How social media is enhancing modern-day marketing and publicity
  2. Advanced technology: how social media threatens advertisement agencies
  3. The impact of social media in creating new job opportunities
  4. How online communities positively influence people
  5. A study on the strategy for creating a solid social media presence for a brand
  6. Why businesses needs a social media presence to thrive and improve brand awareness
  7. How social media impacts the growth of small business
  8. Free Market: Importance of social media in reducing the cost of advertisement

Good social media topics to write about

  1. Impacts of social media on globalization
  2. Advocacy: Social media as an effective tool for driving change
  3. How to use social media analytics to improve business
  4. Social media privacy and the growth of cyberbullying
  5. Evaluation of the reasons why Facebook marketing drives company sales
  6. A study of Twitter and how distinct it is from other social platforms
  7. Why Instagram's new updates will bring about the downfall of the brand
  8. Evaluation of the workplace setting of social media brands

Interesting topics about social media for college students

  1. Should there be an age restriction on the use of social media?
  2. What are the significant factors that lead to the growth and popularity of most social media platforms?
  3. Why uniqueness is the reason Twitter is one of the most thriving social media platforms
  4. The impact of Elon Musk's backdown from purchasing Twitter
  5. How does social media affect our perception of life?
  6. Why is social media branding important for companies?

Social media debate topics for high school students

  1. Do social media platforms have the ability to facilitate kidnap?
  2. How social media enhances stereotypes
  3. Does social media prioritize the promotion of an ideal lifestyle
  4. The negative impact of social media on our perception of bodies
  5. How social media creates room for honest conversations
  6. Benefits and Negative impact of targeted marketing and advertisements on Twitter

Simple social media market research topics

  1. Social media as a tool to facilitate representation
  2. The voice of social media vs. traditional media
  3. A study on social media relationships
  4. A study of the growth of internet languages
  5. Importance of social media in facilitating conversations
  6. How does social media change the media landscape?
  7. Social media marketing strategies and their impact on consumer behaviors


While research writing on social media is relatively new, there are many exciting areas to base a study on. However, if you're finding it challenging to choose a topic, consider the above topics as a guide or seek help.

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