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Sociology Research Paper Writing: 50 Topics for Your Inspiration

The choice of research topic stage is the main challenge for every student. The topic you choose for your research determines your willingness to write the research paper. Records show that students who choose topics they are interested in turn in quality work afterward. For students, the topic choosing stage is the most vital stage of research writing and must be taken seriously.

Research methods in sociology

Every course has its research methodology. In sociology, there’s a recommended method for every sociology research writing. The accepted methods for every sociology research paper include;

  • Implementation of social surveys - requires collecting and adding data through interviews with a large group of people.
  • Identification of the connections - focuses on studying the cause and effect of a specific problem.
  • Interviews - primary collection of information from people or specialists within the scope of your study.
  • Observation & participation - collection of prepared statistics on a given topic.
  • Ethnography - the study of social interactions, beliefs, visions, perceptions, and behavioral patterns of people to get research feedback.
  • Longitudinal studies – prolonged research study to determine the scope of the research problem.
  • Focus on secondary data sources - use of already collated information from the primary researcher.

50 good sociology research paper topics and ideas you can use

Like in other disciplines, your sociology research paper topic should outline a problem or argue on a field of study. In research writing, always avoid making general or vague statements. Quoted sources should always back your statements. However, to efficiently do all these, the first trick is choosing suitable sociology research topics. Here are some excellent sociology topic ideas for you.

Best sociology topics to research for college students

  1. Why depression is common amongst college students
  2. How social media impacts mental illness
  3. How a change in the course of study can affect students’ performance
  4. The importance of friendship and community for college students
  5. Why all students should have access to free therapy in college
  6. Does dependability breed codependency in students?
  7. How class interaction impacts the learning process of students
  8. Importance of hybrid learning to college students

Easy sociology research topics for good grades

  1. Effects of toxic partnership on children
  2. Does divorce negatively impact children?
  3. Effects of undiagnosed ADHD on people
  4. Should cross-racial adoption be promoted?
  5. A study of the sociology of LGBTQ families
  6. How chronic sickness impacts the relationship between parents and children
  7. Effect of distant parenting on children
  8. How upbringing influences the behavior of children
  9. Importance of divorce on the mental health
  10. How peer pressure influences drug abuse

Good sociology research topics for your college papers

  1. How inter-racial marriage changes people’s perspective
  2. How does interracial marriage impact the behavior of children?
  3. How race influences access to education
  4. The relationship between race and wealth
  5. Positive effects of social media on people
  6. How cyberbullying affects people’s psyche
  7. Impact of literature on people’s behavior
  8. How social media breeds physical anxiety

Interesting sociology research topics for research

  1. How romance movies impact people’s perception of love
  2. Do romantic movies portray an unrealistic representation of love?
  3. How influencer culture is taking away the fun of social media
  4. The effect of projecting a perfectly curated lifestyle on social media
  5. How the growth of social media impacts depression
  6. How internet culture affects real-life existence
  7. Is remote work better than in-office work?
  8. Pros and cons of remote work
  9. Importance of written communication over verbal communication
  10. How reading impacts communication
  11. Challenges of living unconventionally
  12. How advanced technology is impacting career choices

Medical sociology research topics for high school students

  1. The role of government in promoting access to free healthcare
  2. How race and income level impact people’s access to healthcare
  3. Why ER nurses need constant stress management practices
  4. Helpful medical practices to support people with chronic illness
  5. A study of the toxicity and workplace abuse within caregiving homes

Sociology research topics on gender issues

  1. Why women should have access to free abortion practices
  2. The study of menstrual hygiene: why all women should have access to free menstrual hygiene products
  3. How gender inequality at work impacts work culture and productivity
  4. The pay gap and how it impacts women in the society
  5. Gender roles in the family and how it impacts children
  6. The study of the absurdity of male and female-only professions
  7. How women from underrepresented races are deprived of access due to race


When choosing a research topic for your sociology paper, decide on a particular niche to center your research. Once you’ve chosen a niche within sociology, it’s easier to find a topic within that scope. However, if you’re finding it hard to write your research paper, you can always seek research help.

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